I have 2 old English bantam brassy back game hens darker ones in the photos, a black australorp hen the largest one in the photo and an old English black breasted red game rooster. All hatched last year. The rooster is free to a good home. He is a VERY quiet rooster.The black australorp is $20.The brassy backs are $15 each.Just trying to downsize.
We have 4 Easter Eggers for saleEaster Eggers are docile and friendly chickens. They lay a colored egg that can range in color from an olive green, blue or cream. Easter Eggers are characterized by their muffs or beard on their faces. Most Easter Eggers also have a distinctive diamond pattern at the end of their feathers. These chickens are great, consistent layers and and a great pop of color ...
Pullets and roosters assorted varieties. 1 to 2 months old. Barred rock, black australorp, cornish cross broilers, dominique, white brahmas and others. Can be used as meat birds or as brown egg layers.5 to 8 dollars a piece may discount for a larger quantity bought. Near 200 available. Located between jackson and michigan center. Call Ken at or text Ty at
I have 3 old English bantam game hens - black breasted reds bb reds and 1 old English black breasted red game rooster. All hatched last year. The roo is completely unrelated to the hens the hens were all hatched by me....they are sisters.Just trying to downsize. They are GREAT chickens. All 3 hens are laying. The roo is not at all aggressive with people. $100 for all 4 of them.


If you are looking for healthy and thriving chickadees - look no further. We have 2 weeks old all straight run waiting for new homes.BrahmaOrpingtonBantamCome and get them while they last. We have roughly 20 of each. Also we have 1 year old hens for sale already laying. $8Brown eggs $1 dozen.First come first sold.
I am looking for fertilized eggs close to jackson grass lake munith stockbridge chelsea areas. Message me with prices and what you have. Looking for chicken eggs duck eggs and quail eggs. Cash in hand looking for about 6 dozen, looking for someone to build a long term relationship with.